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SwitchplusIP Air Traffic Control (ATC) system provides operators with a fully integrated command and control system, capable of communicating with modern and legacy radio devices and other essential services. Operators are given the ability to communicate with aircraft via radio, manage landing and take-off sequences, and automate emergency response services.

SwitchplusIP ATC also boasts a full-deck of features, including a intuitive touch pad allowing selection and communications with any specific radio; discussion through internal communications with other operations; coordination with en-route operations centers; and the ability to manage incidents and converse with various parties, both airside and non-airside.

The unique architecture allows for a large network of radio devices to be seamlessly integrated using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. Coupled with fully fault-tolerant design and no single point of failure feature, SwitchplusIP ATC is the safe and effective choice for Air Traffic Control.

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System building blocks:

Simplifying Operator Audio

The OIU is one of the SwitchplusIP® core building blocks and is the communications hub of the SwitchplusIP®
operator position. Operators are provided with dedicated DSP audio processing resources that enable efficient support for a diverse range of audio equipment including mono and stereo headsets, handsets with PTT, boom mics and monitor speakers. The system efficiently converts the audio from these devices to standards-based Voice over IP (VoIP) which can be streamed to any compatible device via the LAN. With support via dual LAN interfaces, our system ensures that mission critical audio always gets through to its destination.

The OIU is generally used as part of a larger total C4i communications solution. Alternatively, the OIU can be delivered on its own to be used as part of an open standards communications system utilizing SIP or RTP protocols controlled via the C4i API.

Simplifying connection of operator audio equipment

The OIU provide direct connect interfacing for a range of audio devices including:

  • Dual headsets - using either the industry standard dual 6mm prong PJ7 for mono or 8pin barrel for Stereo audio programs
  • 2 mono or stereo headsets with in-line PTT
  • Handset with PTT and
  • Monitor speaker
  • Interface to voice recorders are provided via a dedicated analogue output or via an RTP stream over the LAN.

    Simplifying Configuration

    The OIU is extremely easy to configure. Using an intuitive web interface, users have access to the majority of the advanced facilities of the OIU.

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Simplifying Switching

The CSU is the core of all of the SwitchplusIP® systems and provides a number of network based services key to the operation of the system. It also provides the gateway between the SwitchplusIP® systems and external telephony resources such as PBX and telecom carriers. It can be supplied in either non-redundant or high availability variants depending upon operational requirements.

Network Services

The CSU provides a number of network functions and telephony gateway services:

  • Overall system SIP registry
  • Multiple node
  • Seamless redundancy
  • Flexible call handling and distribution (conferencing, transfer, hold, park etc) and
  • A range of physical telephony interfaces (PRI ISDN (E1, T1) BRI ISDN, FXO, FXS, voice mail etc).
  • For small applications such as Mobile-Dismount the CSU functionality can be optionally embedded within the RIU for truly mobile communications.

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Simplifying Operator Control

The OCU provides each operator with complete control of their communication environment via an intuitive and highly-configurable user interface that is extremely simple to use.

Flexible Hardware Platform

The OCU hardware can also be varied to suit your operator's target environment. Whether you need desk and console mount, sunlight readable equipment in an office environment or ruggedized, small format equipment for your deployed operatives, C4i has a solution for you. Shared hardware resources can also be utilized under certain circumstances to provide integrated solutions for your operators.

Intuitive Graphical User Interface

The user interface, typically touchscreen based, provides the operator with all the facilities required to perform their allotted tasks including:

  • Role log on,
  • Initiate and answer telephony and intercom calls,
  • Connect to and control multiple radios,
  • Conference various audio streams,
  • Select radios for re-transmission (radio patch)
  • Patch telephones to radios (phone patch)
  • Monitor alarms,
  • Initiate standard operating procedures (SOPs),
  • Control facilities;
  • Manage incidents, dispatch vehicles and resources.
  • C4i can also completely customize the user interface for your unique operational situation if needed.

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Simplifying Radio Interfaces

The Radio Interface Unit (RIU) provides a seamless interface between radios and telephony assets using Voice Over IP technology. The RIU can be used standalone as a Radio Over IP (ROIP) gateway or as part of a larger total C4i communications solution. Integration capabilities with other open standard type solutions utilizing SIP or RTP protocols are also available.

Within its super compact footprint, the RIU provides support for 4 programmable audio devices each with its own serial port for configuration or data transmission.

Standards-based communications

With C4i's RIU, you can connect units to the following agencies:

  • The state police
  • From patrol officers to an EMS bike team
  • From paramedics to the public utilities control room
  • From the Chief's office to the incident ground OR
  • From the Governor to the incident commander

All simply done with C4i Products. The RIU can connect you to your radios, PTT phone, cell phone or department PBX.

Simplifying configuration

The RIU is extremely easy to configure. Using an intuitive web interface, users have access to all of the advanced facilities of the RIU.

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