Harris C4i secures $8.4M in contracts including trans-Pacific ATM services


For nearly two decades Harris C4i have been providing Air Traffic Management and Control for trans-Pacific VCS enroute services. This will be continued into the future, with Harris Critical Networks C4i business in Australia this month securing through competitive tender a multimillion dollar contract to replace Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) ATMC Voice Communication System and VHF Radio Communication System. The project will achieve greater operational efficiency between air traffic controllers and aircraft in the 6 million square kilometres of airspace. This will be achieved with the SwitchplusIP voice communication system supporting industry based ICAO standards.

According to AFL’s Executive Chairman Faiz Khan “AFL is going through a modernization phase of its infrastructure. The FJ$4M replacement of voice communication system represents one of many key projects AFL will be undertaking over the next few years.”

The Managing Director of Harris C4i, Peter Harrison said “Harris looks forward to extending its long term relationship with AFL by providing modern industry leading voice over IP communication systems.”

Last month Harris C4i secured $8.4 million dollars of new contracts from a broad range of vertical markets across five countries.  In demonstration of its flexibility, the SwitchplusIP product will be tailored to meet the unique tactical requirements of Air-to-Ground Voice Communications for multiple Defence Forces, provide a command and control centre for Mineral and Energy customers in Asia and Australia, along with niche communications solutions for US Air National Guards and US National Security Agency.

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