When the highest standard in interoperable communications is a must

When it comes to operations in the air, a reliable communications solution is imperative. 

Fixed-site Air Operations Centers require clear, fast and reliable communications that are non-dependent on the variant of radio transmission (VHF, UHF, HF and satellite). Confidentiality is often important, making  the ability to switch between secure and non-secure communication a crucial capability. Ground-Air and Air-Air communications must always reach their intended destination. Operators may need to converse locally, nationally or on a world-wide basis, according to the needs of the particular Air Force.

 We tailor interoperable communications solutions for each specific Air Force client; we understand requirements differ greatly across nations. The mobile nature of tactical operations also present different challenges and a unique system design, making customization highly important. Implementing a solution perfectly crafted for your Air Force, ensures the personnel on the ground (or in the air) will have the freedom to complete the task at hand - knowing the system behind them is always up for the job.