Transportation - Keep things moving with effective and reliable communication

 Transport organizations must maintain a high level of operational and safety standards. Importance is on logistics, communications and security procedures. We provide personnel with the ability to communicate securely or publicly, streamline standard operating procedures, combine legacy and modern radio and telephony technologies, and automate alarm monitoring and crisis response. 

Our IP-based system ensures that communications will be available anywhere - reducing the importance of an incident occurring in a location with minimal phone reception. Also, by integrating communication and data between mobile transport, on-land offices and on-site employees; efficient scheduling and increased coordination is assured.  

Utilities - Interoperable communications enabling effective infrastructure management

In utility organizations, management of infrastructure is the number one primary concern. On a daily basis, work crews are deployed to remote locations to maintain, repair and enhance these structures that form the core business for this industry. IP-based technology, coupled with Real Time data can make command, control and communication efforts operate fluidly and without incident.

Resource allocation can be streamlined, allowing scheduling to be effectively balanced. Emergency response procedures can be triggered automatically upon detection of an incident, and step-by-step operating processes displayed to operators – erasing the need for cumbersome Emergency Procedure books. Productivity thrives due to a reduction in human error and manual record keeping.

We understand the complexities of this environment and the need to manage and perform support activities remotely. With the correct system design, planning, project management and implementation; organizations can increase efficiency and overall performance of their largely geographically dispersed work site. 

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