Communications On The Move (C-OTM)

Solve In Field Communications

The C-OTM is a quickly established automated Command Centre which eliminates stove piped communications. C-OTM provides a seamless interface between digital and analog radio and telephony assets and cellular equipment so they can be automatically routed, patched and conferenced to each other. A truly interoperable communications solution — available in-field anywhere, anytime. 

The C-OTM can operate standalone, link to a network of other C-OTMs, or play a part in a larger total communications solution. Based on open standards, the system can connect with third party products to further extend your existing capability.


Built Tough

    Lightweight, transportable and built to withstand tough conditions, the C-OTM is designed for  emergency response and defence deployments.

Ideal for many scenarios including:

  • Mobile command centre or forward command post
  • Portable networked communications - hub and spoke or peer to peer
  • Disaster recovery communications when site infrastructure is non-existent or damaged
  • Backup system for emergencies such as site evacuations or primary system failures
  • Increased situational awareness of remote locations via voice, video and control


C-OTM - Brochure C-OTM - Brochure (497 KB)

C-OTM Defence - Brochure C-OTM Defence - Brochure (544 KB)

C-OTMplus - Brochure C-OTMplus - Brochure (519 KB)

C-OTMplus Defence - Brochure C-OTMplus Defence - Brochure (1273 KB)

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