Radio Interface Unit (RIU)

Simplifying Radio Interfaces

The Radio Interface Unit (RIU) provides a seamless interface between radios and telephony assets using Voice Over IP technology. The RIU can be used standalone as a Radio Over IP (ROIP) gateway or as part of a larger total C4i communications solution. Integration capabilities with other open standards types solutions utilizing SIP or RTP protocols are also available.

Within its super compact footprint, the RIU provides support for 4 programmable audio devices each with its own serial port for configuration or data transmission.

Standards-based communications

With C4i's RIU, you can connect units with the following agencies:

  • The state police
  • From patrol officers to an EMS bike team
  • From paramedics to the public utilities control room
  • From the Chief's office to the incident ground OR
  • From the Governor to the incident commander

All simply done with C4i Products. The RIU can connect you to your radios, PTT phone, cell phone or department PBX.

Simplifying configuration

The RIU is extremely easy to configure. Using an intuitive web interface, users have access to all of the advanced facilities of the RIU.

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