When another person's life depends on you – you can depend on Harris 

Ambulance services require, above all, rapid and responsive communication. Upon becoming aware of an incident, Paramedics need to act quickly – concentrating only on the task at hand. They need clear and simple contact with the base and other deployed paramedics already at the scene.

In the midst of an emergency or accident, the ability for Paramedics to receive and provide timely information pertaining to the incident is crucial. We provide mobile and fixed Operator Positions that may be installed in an office, a vehicle or a backpack.

Enhancing the coordination and integration of radio and telephony communications allows Emergency Service personnel the freedom to complete the task at hand - with the confidence of knowing the system behind them is always up for the job.

Also – in the event they need to converse with other Public Safety organizations, our system makes this possible through Radio over IP (RoIP) technology.